Babies Crochet Patterns

In Babies Crochet Patterns you can find a large selection of Crochet Patterns that can be made either for that special little bundle in your life or as gifts for family and friends.

The categories included are:

  • Hats/Bonnets
  • Booties
  • Layettes
  • Blankets
  • Miscellaneous

Also included are instructions on how to start Crocheting and a useful guide to the stitches used in Crochet.


Easy Knitting Patterns

A selection of Easy Knitting Patterns for the beginner knitter. If you are just starting out as a knitter or have been knitting for a while but have not reached an advanced stage yet, you will find the patterns in this app to be easy to knit.


IconBK-1024Babies and Kids Knitting Patterns

Babies, Toddlers, Girls, Boys, Unisex and Toys Knitting Patterns. This app offers a selection of knitting patterns for all levels of knitters. Divided in sections to make finding patterns easy, you will have no trouble in finding something to knit for your baby or kids or as a present for any child.

Kids Crochet Patterns

The Kids Crochet Patterns app contains patterns for adorable clothes which you can make for your own children or as presents for friends and family!



amendLearn To KnitĀ 

Learn To Knit will walk you through the steps to start knitting. From casting on to casting off and all stages in between, with explanations on how to do all things knitting including join seams, make buttonholes and knit cables.


mzl.vwmmqsncHandmade Toys

Handmade Toys are easy to make and are a real treat for your own children or to give as presents! You will find patterns for Crocheted, Knitted and Fabric Toys that are suitable for babies and older children alike.

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